Healthy-family-Fit-India proves a largest event in Asia

Healthy-family-Fit-India proves a largest event in Asia

Jain Hospitals

According to the world diabetes foundation’s data Jain hospital, India big again in 2019, organizing Global Diabetes Walks and activities across Uttar Pradesh. This year’s program had a new name -” Healthy family fit India”. It was a huge event in UP at the International Green Park Stadium in Kanpur on 14th November. This Program reaches millions. Many schools and other organizations with their Students reach there and participated.

Program Integration

Healthy Family Fit India Progam was inaugurated by Dr. Rajesh Jain Chairman of Jain Hospital and Project Manager of “Diabetes Prevention Control Project (UP)”.

Dr. Jain lighting the candle ceremony with their key partners in Green Park.

Dr Jain
Dr. Jain (left) during a candle-lighting ceremony with key partners in Green Park. Click Above Picture to see a film( 5 Mins.)

NCC Ralley

Several NCC Cadets Start the walk from Mall road to Green Park Stadium (approx. 3 miles ) with the heavy crowd. The road was full of walkers. The Scene was

marvelous. cadets were enjoying the walk and spreading a message to the people that they must take steps against diabetes to save their family from diabetes.

NCC cadets from Mall road to Green Park Kanpur

Blue Ring

Blue Ring, the  Symbol of world diabetes day placed at mid of the  Stadium.

Drone photo

Blue ring Photo Taken From Drone


Event Organized in Green Park Stadium

Zumba Dance

Students and people who gathered there were enjoyed Jumba Dance which is a unique physical activity which gives enjoy with Physical Exercise People felt happy to do this.
Zumba Dance
Students enjoyed Jumba Dance

Yoga Activity

Yoga Activity Performed by the huge crowd in Green Park Stadium. A Group of teachers explained the benefits of Yoga and the right posture to do Yoga for Students and people present.
trainer of Yoga

Trainers Of Yoga
performing yoga
A student performing Yoga
yoga crowd
Yoga performing Crowd

Fun Time

more Than 15,000 crowd gathered to saw the bodybuilders and enjoyed the songs sang by Singer  Miss Guntas they enjoyed most.

Singer miss Guntas(middle) and the bodybuilders

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