Covid-19 outbreak and management people with diabetes


Diabetes is an immune compromised state. Any infection however trivial would blow up. A small injury in the toe caused while clipping the nail would develop into a severe foot infection and, in some cases, it may result in foot amputation. In diabetics any infection will be magnified “A mole will become a mountain”.

Coming to corono infection, by this time the viral infection should have spread and affected many people in our country as this is the scenario in other countries. My concept for not this happening is, most of our Indian population would have had small pox vaccination in the younger age. This vaccine is given to protect the population from small pox infection which is caused by deadly virus. This vaccination has protected Indians from HINI infection and SARS infection due to cross immunity. Similarly, small pox vaccination would protect Indian populationfrom any virus infection. Exception is always rule in the Medicine.

The answer whether small pox vaccination given in yester years, protects our population from corono infection (the incidence is not very high compared to other population who never took small pox vaccination). To prove this concept, that small pox vaccination protects from corono infection can be assessed by finding out whether people who are positive for corono virus had small pox vaccination or vice versa.

I hasten to add that we should not be complacent and should follow the advice given by the Government of India.

Dr. V. Seshiah

Md, FRCP, DSc, DSc, DSc (hony)


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