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Ironic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a group of conditions that includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis, intractable asthma, and some forms of bronchiectasis. The most typical symptom of COPD is shortness of breath. This condition is surprisingly common, affecting more than 30 million Americans, and it is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. But although COPD can be serious, doctors have effective treatments and strategies to control symptoms and disease progression. Following these guidelines can greatly reduce the severity of your symptoms and help keep the disease under control.

1. Quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke.

The single most important step a person can take to stop the progression of COPD is to quit smoking. Cigarette smoking is the most common cause of COPD, and although the disease can be inherited, it accounts for only a small percentage of the patient population.

Quit smoking
Quit smoking

Long-term exposure to secondhand smoke can also lead to COPD. So I tell patients that one of the most important lifestyle changes for COPD is eliminating all interactions with cigarette smoke. COPD cannot be cured or reversed, but it can be successfully slowed and controlled by taking steps such as quitting smoking early.

2. Be diligent with your treatment regimen.

Using your prescribed controller medication appropriately is the best thing you can do after quitting smoking and avoiding secondhand smoke. We have several effective medications for COPD. While no substances have been proven to help people live longer, they prevent exacerbations, also known as flareups, and significantly improve quality of life.

It is the physician`s job to tailor the medication to the severity of the COPD and to find the right device to deliver it, as specific devices are better suited to the patient`s lifestyle. Certain types of inhalers and other devices such as nebulizers are used to deliver medicine into your lungs. So I work with my patients to find the easiest and most reliable method. For example, if a patient is busy and forgetful and is taking other medications, I might start by recommending a once daily oral medication via a more portable inhaler.


Another issue of a COPD patient’s remedy routine is figuring out the patient’s style of COPD. There are types: continual bronchitis, characterised with the aid of using a continual cough and wheezing, and emphysema, cited specially with the aid of using shortness of breath and wheezing. An extra magnificence of anti inflammatory pills has been authorised for continual bronchitis, however now no longer emphysema. Ask your medical doctor what type of COPD you’ve got got and what alternatives are fine for you.

3. Learning the pursed-lipped respiratory approach can assist breathe for excessive COPD.

Helping my sufferers recognize what occurs to their lungs earlier than and in the course of a flare-up is important for lowering their tension and coaching them a way to manipulate an exacerbation. COPD is largely a hassle with exhalation: while COPD sufferers exhale, all of the air doesn’t come out, and the lungs get over-inflated, inflicting shortness of breath and an lack of ability to inhale sufficient air. We advise a particular manner to respire to counteract this hassle, referred to as the purse-lipped respiratory approach.

purse-lipped respiratory
purse-lipped respiratory

This approach entails maintaining your lips nearer together (or pursed) as you exhale slowly, giving your lungs time to live open and launch extra air. The approach additionally enables relieve tension, which COPD sufferers may also enjoy while having hassle respiratory. It’s herbal to stay quicker while you’re scared or anxious; however, brief respiratory can get worse a flare-up. I locate that expertise how COPD works and locating private techniques to limit tension and sluggish respiratory in the course of a burst make a large difference.

4. Pulmonary rehabilitation exercising could make all of the difference.

Though it could appear counterintuitive, exercising is vital for human beings dwelling with COPD. Proper schooling lets in your frame to be extra green in order that your lungs don’t must paintings as difficult to assist your activity. For sufferers with excessive COPD, I advise attempting a pulmonary rehabilitation application. In this application, sufferers paintings with experts to discover ways to exercise respiratory techniques, boom their exercising capacity, and the way nutrients can play a function of their remedy plan.

exercising capacity
exercising capacity

Certified pulmonary rehab experts reveal coronary heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen stages to set fulfillment desires in the course of the application. Ask your medical doctor in case you qualify for a committed pulmonary rehabilitation application in a nearby health facility or bodily remedy office.

5. Practice top hand hygiene and get your flu and pneumonia shots.

Viruses can activate a COPD flare-up, so it’s important to save you getting ill as tons as possible. Washing palms is an incredible exercise for preventing viruses and infections. I advise my sufferers keep away from different sad human beings, live diligent approximately getting flu shots, and take pneumonia vaccines to save you lung infections.


How Telehealth Can Help People With COPD

Nearly sixteen million human beings withinside the United States stay with persistent obstructive pulmonary ailment (COPD), a collection of breathing situations that block airflow and make it difficult to breathe. These situations, which includes persistent bronchitis and emphysema, can’t be cured, however they may be properly managed with ongoing remedy and monitoring.


Telehealth, that’s hospital therapy thru call, textual content message, or maximum typically, video chat, allows human beings with COPD through making get entry to to professionals easier, helping higher self-care, and increasing pulmonary rehabilitation offerings.

Telehealth for COPD: Access to Online Pulmonologists

Not anyone with COPD can bodily go to their pulmonologist and get the care they want to reduce signs and symptoms and assist save you exacerbations. When signs and symptoms are so severe, they require hospitalization. You might also additionally stay in a rural vicinity with restricted healthcare resources, or it can now no longer be secure to go to a healthcare facility because of the chance of contamination from different human beings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, telehealth has made it feasible for lots human beings with COPD to get hold of care from the protection and luxury in their homes.

COPD Treatment and Coaching for Self-Care

A key consciousness of telehealth for COPD is supporting human beings comply with their remedy plans. Research has proven that self-control with a written motion plan and ongoing steerage from a healthcare issuer


hospitalizationFor example, when you have an inhaler, you may speak on your pulmonologist over video chat to make certain you’re the usage of it nicely to get the most gain. Your pulmonologist also can use telehealth offerings to provide schooling and help round life-style adjustments to assist reduce signs and symptoms.

At-Home Rehabilitation After Hospitalization

When exacerbations occur, and hospitalization is necessary, telehealth makes it feasible for extra human beings to get hold of pulmonary rehabilitation after discharge. Repair consists of stretching, breathing, and cardio exercising to assist construct lung function, lessen shortness of breath, and enhance high-satisfactory of life. It’s been demonstrated to sell restoration and reduce the probability of being readmitted to the hospital. And rather than travelling to a rehab center, you may gain from pulmonary rehabilitation thru a video chat together along with your rehab specialist.

shortness of breath
shortness of breath

The availability of telehealth has extended over the previous few years for lots situations, now no longer simply COPD, and maximum coverage plans now cowl it to a few extent. Medicare has increased its telehealth insurance to deal with telehealth visits much like in-man or woman appointments, and Medicaid insurance for telehealth varies through state. Talk together along with your coverage employer and ask your number one healthcare issuer or pulmonologist approximately your options.

COPD Linked to Greater Risk for Falls

Chronic obstructive pulmonary ailment, or COPD, is a revolutionary lung ailment which can make it difficult so one can breathe. But COPD can have an effect on extra than simply your lungs. COPD is likewise related to an extended chance of falls.

The hyperlink among the 2 won’t appear obvious, so let’s take a look at why that is the case.

Recognizing How the Risk for Falls is Related to COPD

As COPD progresses, much less air can by skip inside and out of your lungs, making it hard for the tissues on your frame to get the oxygen they want. You might also additionally experience quick of breath, without difficulty fatigued, and warfare to carry out bodily activities. Low oxygen tiers on your blood might also additionally even have an effect on your heart, brain, and different organs.

heart sickness
heart sickness

This can result in numerous elements contributing to an extended chance for falls withinside the COPD population. Many of those elements generally tend to overlap. They include:

  • Dizziness: Being quick of breath and now no longer getting sufficient oxygen can depart you dizzy and unsteady in your feet.
  • Muscle weak spot: Exacerbations of COPD could make it difficult to live lively, and in a few cases, might also additionally even bring about mattress relaxation or hospitalizations. Over time, this may result in a lack of muscle power.
  • Malnutrition: When you don’t experience properly, you could now no longer have a top notch appetite. Some human beings with COPD don’t devour sufficient meals or have a weight loss program missing vital nutrients and minerals. This can similarly make contributions to dizziness and muscle weak spot.
  • Balance difficulties: COPD can have an effect on your balance and variety of movement whilst taking walks or converting positions. The actual reason of that is unknown, however it can be associated with nerve damage.
  • Medications: Many human beings with COPD take a couple of medicines. The extra medicines someone takes, the more the chance of falls because of unique aspect results and medicinal drug interactions. Also, corticosteroids, typically used to deal with COPD, can result in muscle weak spot and imaginative and prescient impairments.
  • Fear of falling: People with COPD have extra tension approximately dropping than wholesome people. Unfortunately, being frightened of falling impacts your stability and results in much less bodily hobby and lack of muscle power.

The chance of falling seems maximum in people with COPD who’ve formerly misplaced with inside the final year, had extra clinical situations, and smoked for a protracted time.

Learning to Avoid Falls With COPD

Pulmonary rehabilitation is suggested for almost anyone with COPD and might assist lower the prevalence of falls. Through exercising and schooling, pulmonary rehab is designed that will help you breathe higher, enhance your power and endurance, and can help you stay a extra lively life. Most applications final 6 to twelve weeks, with periods from 2 to a few instances according to week.


Some rehab applications additionally comprise stability training, which might also additionally similarly decrease the chance of falls.

Make any adjustments wished in your property to hold you secure from falling. Remove any capability tripping hazards, along with throwing rugs or litter at the floor. Move fixtures as required, so that you have an super taking walks path. Consider putting in clutch bars with inside the bathroom. Ensure you’ve got got right lighting, each outside and inside your property, to peer clearly.

Lastly, comply with your doctor’s recommendation for handling your COPD, so that you continue to be as wholesome as feasible. Be positive to invite when you have any questions concerning your medicines or a way to use any clinical equipment, along with supplemental oxygen, nicely.



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