What is the process to do kapalbhati pranayama ?

The process of kapalbhati Pranayam is related to the breathing process. The word kapalbhati is made up of two words, Kapal meaning skull ( here skull includes all the organs under the skull too ) and bhati means shining, illuminating.

Step by Step Procedure of kapalbhati pranayama asana

Step 1:– First You should sit in Padmasan because Padmasana is very suitable asana for dhyana pose. It may be also performed by sitting Swastikasan or Vajrasana.


Step 2:- Keep breathing gradually while sitting in Padmasana.

Step 3:- Inhale and start performing Kapalbhati as stated before. That means a strong Rechaka, natural Pooraka, and again strong Rechaka and natural pooraka.

Step 4:- Keep on doing this rotation swiftly in a rhythmic manner.

Step 5:– Perform as many cycles as possible and then keep breathing gradually. All these processes are included under one cycle of Kapalbhati.



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