A story of a pretty child who suffered a lot of problem


This story is  reported by diabetesasia ,a non profit diabetes prevention program.

july 10, 2019 — Mily , a  8 year old little girl belongs to middle class family. one night during sleep she become very depressed her eyes become reddish. Her father thought that It was a bad bladder infection.

second day she was in good condition but less active for her daily routine work .Her father thought that   Everything will right after passing time .

The Circles around her eyes had been there for passing weeks , months. Her father didn’t know what was wrong but his friend Dr. Sharma Who was a doctor suggested to her father that you should test diabetes because mily had been thirsty and going to bathroom  a lot.

Her father become surprised and told that It was not her age for diabetes . But Dr. Sharma explained him Diabetes may be of any age.

During Checkup a finger poke and draw some blood . Mily was in weeping situation but controlled herself. Nurse said that her blood sugar was ‘459’.

Mily was calm and quiet . Her father was staring her .

Dr. Sharma called her father in his cabin and conversation started :

” Your daughter is Diabetic “.

He surprised and told Dr . Sharma She do not eat much sugar.

“No , It’s not like that , She didn’t cause this “.

“Dr. Sharma convinced her father and told some reasons which are the reasons to her diabetic

Diabetes may be of family reasons.

Diabetes may be when proper checkup and care is not given to her mother.”

Dr. Sharma told her father that She needs insulin and she become active again . She can live her life with joy using insulin properly.

Hearing this Mily’s father become happy and returned home with full satisfaction.

After some time with proper checkup and insulin mily will  again happy and live her life joyfully.

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